What are the Benefits of Using Powder Coatings Compared to Traditional Paints?

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Powder Coatings is a revolutionary change to the MDF market. Not only does it have planning freedom that other coating methods cannot provide, but powder coating can provide brilliant, beautiful, durable, and fine coatings. At the same time, powder coating can also make MDF free It breaks and sticks to stains, water stains, and scratches.

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

1. Health and environmental protection

The powder coating eliminates various auxiliary chemicals such as harmful film forming, dispersing, wetting, leveling, anti-corrosion and mildew during the manufacturing process. Therefore, this product contains no toxicity, no solvents and no toxic and volatile substances, and then the powder coating is classified as non-toxic, non-fire, and "three waste" emissions, etc., which meets the requirements of national environmental protection laws.

2. No preservatives required

Traditional coatings are liquid, with both water and substances that are easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to avoid deterioration of liquid coatings, manufacturers will add some preservatives inside, and these preservatives will cause harm to the human body. But powder coatings are different. They are latex powders, granular products, no water, no need to worry about contamination by bacteria, no need to add preservatives, and it is healthier.

3. Smell

Friends who have experienced decoration or have been to new constructions know that traditional paints will leave a bad smell after they are painted, and they will not disperse for a long time. But powder coatings are different. Although there will be a little odor when it is just painted, the odor will be lost faster.

4. Superior function

Powder coating has strong adhesion, tight coating, strong impact resistance, good toughness, high corner coverage, and also has good resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation. It is a new type of home wall decoration materials.

5.High utilization

The powder coatings produced and supplied by some of the more well-known coating brands in the market can be recycled after overspraying.

6. Simple construction

No need to apply primer in powder coating construction, one-time construction can have a suitable coating layer, high construction efficiency, saving time and cost.

7. Convenient transportation and storage

Ordinary coatings are all water-based solvents, which are not so convenient in transportation and storage, while powder coatings are not the same. There is no water or solvent, and transportation is convenient and safe.

Of course, "melon is bitter, there is no beauty in the world." Although powder coatings have many advantages, they also have drawbacks. The curing conditions of powder coatings have certain limitations, so it is necessary to prepare before construction and choose the appropriate time and place conditions.

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