How to Control the Quality of Powder Coating?

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As a Low-Temperature Curing Powder Coatings Manufacturer, I will tell you that if you keep this in mind, you will be able to control the coating quality of Powder Coatings.

Reasons and solutions for poor powder fluidization during spraying

1) Compressed air pressure does not work, you can check the supply of compressed air, clean the air filter equipment, and increase the pressure appropriately.

2) The microwell plate is blocked. You can check whether the microwell plate is blocked by superfine powder or oil and impurities in compressed air.

3) The powder is stored in the powder supply barrel for a long time to absorb moisture. You can try to increase the pressure to vulcanize the powder for a long time, take away the water, and use clean utensils to help mix if necessary.

4) The powder is agglomerated, and the powder can be loosened and sieved manually.

5) Too much powder is charged in the vulcanized bed, which can reduce the amount of powder in the bed. The powder is generally added to two thirds of the volume of the vulcanized bed.

Nano Self-Cleaning Powder Coatings

Nano Self-Cleaning Powder Coatings

The reasons for the poor hardness of the powder coating after curing and the solutions

1) The lack of curing can increase the baking temperature to meet the process requirements or prolong the baking time of the workpiece to meet the process requirements.

2) If the curing is excessive, the brittleness of the coating will also reduce the hardness, and the baking temperature can be appropriately reduced to shorten the baking time.

3) The heating rate of baking is too slow. During the slow melting process, some leveling aids are moved to the top, which can increase the heating rate to the appearance of the coating film.

4) The quality of the powder itself can tell the powder supplier to improve the formula.

Causes and solutions of discoloration of coating film after powder coating is cured

1) The baking time is too long, which can shorten the baking time.

2) The baking temperature is too high, which can reduce the baking temperature.

3) The thickness of the coating is not uniform.

A.The spray gun is not in the correct orientation or direction and is affected by the Faraday effect, etc., and the spray gun should be checked and reset;

B.The vibrator of the active spray gun does not match the speed of the production line, the production line speed should be adjusted or the stroke of the spray gun vibrator should be adjusted;

C. The air flow in the powder spraying chamber affects the spraying range of the powder, and the equipment supplier should be contacted;

D.The powder from the spray gun is not uniform, and the powder supply and spray gun system should be checked to ensure that the powder is vulcanized and atomized uniformly;

E. High voltage is unstable Check the output voltage.

4) The air in the oven is not clean. Check the air heating system and exhaust air.

5) If there is a problem with the powder formulation, please contact the powder supplier.

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