What are the differences between epoxy powder coatings and High Temperature Resistant Powder Coating

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With the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection, "paint to powder" has become a trend in the coatings industry, and the market prospects for High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings will become better and better. Coupled with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, some products such as barbecue grills, baking racks, etc., everyone is not willing to see the rusty mottled during the use, so the high temperature resistant powder coating has a special functionality Paint is becoming more and more popular. Powder coatings generally consist of resins, curing agents (not required in thermoplastic powder coatings), pigments, fillers and auxiliaries (including leveling agents, deaerators, brighteners, wetting agents, dispersants, bulking agents, and electrifying agents). , Plasticizer, toughener, stabilizer, antioxidant, ultraviolet light absorber and anti-sagging agent, etc.), its main composition is not much different from solvent-based and water-based coatings.

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

Our company uses high-temperature resistant special resins and high-temperature pigments and fillers to launch mature technology and stable quality sand-grain high-temperature resistant powder coatings. This high-temperature resistant powder coating can withstand high temperatures of 600 ° C, and its physical properties such as impact resistance and salt resistance The fog and other properties have passed the test, and have been consistently adhered to for more than a decade.With its cost-effectiveness, it has been widely used at home and abroad for spray coatings on grills, guardrails, automobile brake pads, and exhaust pipes. Great praise.

This high temperature resistant powder coating is sand-type.During use, it is recommended that the thickness of the coating film is 40 ~ 70μm; when stored, in a ventilated and dry room, away from heat sources, corrosive substances and solvents, avoid strong light and avoid long-term exposure. Under pressure, it is better to ensure that the packaging box is sealed to avoid clumping or dampness, which affects the fluidization performance. Because the product has extremely high reactivity, it is recommended that the storage period be within 12 months, and the storage period must be verified before use.

Due to its own reasons, ordinary epoxy powder coatings have problems such as coating discoloration and thickening under high temperature conditions, and they are subject to certain restrictions in the corresponding coating technology field. In the process of high temperature, the coating film is not damaged while still maintaining proper mechanical properties and plays a protective role, and the advantages of this coating in terms of environmental protection, safety, and utilization rate will gradually replace the traditional high temperature paint.

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