What needs to be done for High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings?

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High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings an indispensable coating for high temperature anticorrosive coatings. It has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and can work for a long time in a high temperature environment of 200 ~ 1200 ° C. However, as a member of industrial products, it will inevitably cause certain harm to the human body during the construction process. Therefore, the following safety protection measures must be taken for the high temperature resistant coating during the construction process.

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

We know that high temperature resistant coatings often choose spraying construction methods, because the coating materials may splash into the eyes when opening or stirring, so you should wear protective glasses or goggles when inspecting the coating materials before painting. If paint accidentally splashes into your eyes, wash them with plenty of water and take them to the hospital immediately.As an Outdoor Decorative Coatings Supplier, share with you.

When spraying high-temperature-resistant paint, workers must wear special chemical protective clothing to avoid irritating the skin and ensure the safety of workers. And choose a type 4 anti-spray tight chemical protective clothing.

In addition to wearing chemical protective clothing, long-term spray painters should also wear respiratory protective equipment such as gas masks or long-pipe respirators to ensure good ventilation in the construction environment. Long-term exposure to high-concentration solvent-based volatile gas spaces, without protection, can cause fainting, and paint mist is extremely harmful to the lungs.

The air paint mist generated by the high temperature resistant paint during the spraying process can also irritate the skin, and long-term contact may cause dermatitis. Therefore, appropriate chemical gloves should be worn during construction to protect the hands from the paint mist. In addition, there may be things that cause foot injuries or falls in the construction environment, so you should wear anti-smash, puncture-resistant, non-slip safety shoes when working.

Safety is no small matter. Only on the premise of ensuring your own safety can you ensure better painting. Therefore, the above-mentioned protective measures must be kept in mind when applying high-temperature-resistant coatings to ensure that the high-temperature-resistant coatings exhibit excellent coating film performance and good anticorrosive effects during application.

High temperature resistant non-stick coatings improve the productivity of the smelting industry?

The working principle of this high temperature resistant non-stick coating is: special high temperature resistant silicate solution, aluminum phosphate solution, sodium lutein solution, eutectic melt, nano graphite flakes, silicon carbide, carbonization Boron and other materials are processed through nano-ultrasonic dispersion and synthesis at high temperature. The temperature is high, the long-term temperature resistance can reach 600 ℃, no aging, no color change, high coating hardness, impact resistance, good adhesion, can be painted. Prevent the adhesion of various high temperature solutions on the surface of various high temperature smelting equipment.

The surface of the coating with high temperature resistance and anti-adhesive coating has special functional coating that is not easy to be adhered by other sticky substances or easy to be removed after adhesion. This functional coating has anti-sticking and self-cleaning characteristics such as high temperature resistance, extremely low surface energy, small friction coefficient, easy sliding, and strong repulsive force. High temperature resistant anti-stick protective coating is composed of pure inorganic materials, contains no organic materials, no volatility, good safety, low environmental pollution and high melting temperature, strong repulsion under high temperature melting, high thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability , High thermal conductivity, high strength, high temperature resistance to scouring and adhesion of molten metal, water and slag. Our company also has Powder Coatings With High Color Retention on sale, welcome to consult.

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