Problems and treatment methods of Powder Coatings?

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1.Powder Coatings:

Cause: The powder coating is poorly stored, absorbs moisture, and contains too much ultrafine powder.

Treatment method: dry powder at low temperature, remove moisture, crush, use after sieving, reduce powder content when making powder coating.

2.The outer surface of the coating orange peel:

Cause: The thickness of the sprayed coating is uneven, the curing temperature is low, the powder is wet, the powder particles are too coarse, and the baking temperature is too high.

Treatment method: make the coating film thickness uniform, adjust the spray, moderately improve the curing temperature, switch to dry powder, and moderately reduce the baking temperature.

3. Poor film impact strength:

Cause: The baking temperature does not reach the process required temperature, the baking time does not reach the process required time, and the powder coating quality is not good, including the quality itself and the quality during storage.

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

Handling method: Check the baking temperature, control to the conditions required by the process, extend the baking time, and control to the time required by the process.

4: The coating has pits and flowers:

Cause: The surface of the coating is not well treated, there are spots or spots, oil or water in the compressed air, the coating film is too thick, ionization squeezing occurs, and powder coating absorbs moisture.

Treatment method: strictly control the quality of surface treatment. Air compressors often discharge water, add oil-water separators to prevent oil and water from spraying, and control the thickness of the coating film. Do not exceed 150 μm when cold spraying.

Performance of High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings:

Powder coating is a 100% solid powder coating. It is different from general solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings. It does not use solvents or water as a dispersion medium, but uses air as a dispersion medium.

It has the characteristics of no volatile matter generation, easy cleaning, no solvent, little damage to the operator, high spray utilization rate and excellent function.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the world, the application scope of powder coatings is becoming more and more extensive, and the amount of powder coatings in China has now exceeded 1 million tons.

High temperature resistant powder coatings are special functional coatings. According to the accepted temperature, the dividends are generally 200 ° C, 300 ° C, 350 ° C, 400 ° C, 500 ° C and above.

Widely used in barbecues, burners, heaters, heating pipes, mufflers, ovens, car exhaust pipes, chimneys and other equipment. Because of the advantages of high temperature resistant powder coatings in terms of environmental protection, safety, and utilization, they will gradually replace traditional high temperature paints.

In recent years, due to the trend of "paint to powder", the market demand for temperature resistance of 500 ℃ and above is increasing.

In application scenarios of 500 ° C and above, the coating directly receives the burning of an open flame. The minimum requirements of the coating are to not pulverize and not fall. We are Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings Supplier, welcome to consult.

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