How to better identify Powder Coatings?

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Powder coatings are completely different from ordinary coatings in that they exist as fine powders. Because no solvent is used, it is called powder coating. The main features of powder coatings are: harmless, high efficiency, resource saving and environmental protection. So how do you better identify Powder Coatings?

1. Appearance identification method:

① Touch: The touch is silky smooth, fluffy and floating. Grab a handful of powder in your hand, the smoother and looser the powder, the better the quality. On the other hand, the rough powder feels heavy and the quality is poor. It is not easy to spray, there are many secondary powder drops, and there is a lot of waste.

② Volume: The larger the volume, the less filler in the powder coating, the higher the cost. The better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filler in the powder coating, the lower the cost, and the worse the powder quality. In the same carton, the powder of that house is large, which is good powder, and the volume of that house is small, which is poor powder. It is not easy to spray, the second powder fall, the waste is large, the spray area is small, and the cost is high.

③ Storage time: Good powder can be stored for a long time, powder leveling and other effects remain unchanged. The poor powder cannot be stored for a long time, and the poor powder has worse leveling and other effects after 3 months. The normal powder has a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature. The quality of low-end raw materials is unstable and easily deteriorated. Using poor raw materials to produce powder, the sprayed surface will accelerate powdering and aging after half a year, affecting customer reputation. In addition, the powder is not easy to store, which causes a large waste of powder for customers and a lot of fees.

Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings

Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings

2. Spray area identification method:

The resin content of normal powder should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 12-15 yuan / KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan. Some unfavorable powder factories use less than 45% of the resin content to refill, and increase the filler to reduce costs and reduce spraying area. Comparison method: two same powder spray the same product, see which one has more powder spray products, that one has less spray products, and the less spray products are poor, and the use cost is high. For the use of Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings Supplier, the spraying area is small, and the use cost is high. Based on 6 squares per kilogram of powder spraying, each square is sprayed less, which is equivalent to the manufacturer paying 3-6 yuan more per kilogram of powder It is recommended to use genuine powders from manufacturers and carefully calculate their actual cost of use.

3. Adhesion and aging identification method:

Good powder has strong adhesion and toughness, and can be kept from pulverization and aging for several years. Poor powder has poor adhesion and is very brittle. It will begin to age and powder after 3 to 6 months after spraying. Contrast test the adhesion and bending, and observe the product for aging and chalking after several months. Poor adhesion and aging, the product is prone to aging, chalking, rusting, shortening the service life of the product and affecting customer reputation. Our company also sells in Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings, welcome to consult.

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