Pipeline anti-corrosion Powder Coatings How much do you know?

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The anti-corrosion powder name is Pipeline anti-corrosion Powder Coatings, which is used for the outer anti-corrosion coating of long-distance buried pipelines. It can be used alone or as the base coat of PE, commonly known as three-layer PE. The coating of epoxy powder is completed by a professional production line. The process is to take the tube and enter the intermediate frequency heating, usually 180 degrees to 200 degrees, spray powder, wrap the PE layer, spray into the spray, test the strength, and the finished product. Therefore, the steel structure other than the pipeline is not tried, and the powder pipeline is not preferred because of the small number of the pipelines. Often used as the outer coating of some household appliances, doors and cabinets, commonly known as decorative powder. Such coatings are used for exterior coatings such as security doors, safes, office iron cabinets, refrigerators, washing machines, and electric heaters. Film formation by electrostatic spraying and then through a high temperature oven.

Pipeline anti-corrosion Powder Coatings

Pipeline anti-corrosion Powder Coatings

Pipeline anti-corrosion powder coatings and polyurethane anti-corrosion paints are considered to be the two most important anti-corrosion paints. Compared with the latter, epoxy anti-corrosion paints have stronger adhesion, except for corrosion resistance of large chemical equipment and inner and outer walls of pipes. In addition to painting, it can also be used on cement walls coated with epoxy primer and rust-preventive primer to enhance the adaptability of the wall to harsh environments. As a Pipeline anti-corrosion Powder Coatings Factory, we mainly share the construction requirements of pipeline anti-corrosion powder coatings to better play the role of anti-corrosion paint.

1. Composition

The components of Pipeline anti-corrosion powder coatings can be attributed to three types of film-forming materials, secondary film-forming materials, and solvent additives.

The film-forming substance, that is, the binder, is mainly composed of an epoxy resin, and is disposed at a certain ratio with the curing agent to form a film-forming substance. The secondary film-forming material is mainly used to increase the film thickness and waterproof performance; while the anti-rust pigment is mainly used in the primer and anti-rust paint to enhance the service life.

Thoroughly stir the coating until there is no sediment at the bottom of the barrel, and mix it with 10:1 (weight ratio) of the coating and curing agent and mix it evenly for 10-15 minutes. If the temperature is lower than 10 °C, press the coating and The ratio of curing agent is 4:1 (weight ratio) to the winter curing agent. After the formulation is formulated, it is best to make a small-scale curing attempt first;

2. Surface treatment

If it is applied to the metal surface, sand blasting, shot blasting and rusting reach the international Sa2.5 level (indicating that the steel surface is derusted, it is necessary to achieve very thorough spraying or projectile rust removal). The surface of the coated object should have no visible deposits of high quality, dirt, etc., after the oil is removed, the necessary cleaning should be carried out to keep the surface dry and painted within 4 hours.

If the concrete is painted, it must be air-dried to ≤10% before painting and the surface should be cleaned;

3. Term of use

The prepared paint is preferably used up in about 2 hours (20 ° C). Never refill the unused primer into the original paint;

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