What are the functions and features of Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings?

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When we decorate a house, paint is one of the essential materials. Can it be used to coat the surface to form a kind of pain? Of course, it plays a role in protecting the decoration, of course, it can also play a role. Logo, and other special effects, Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings is a new type of material, he is widely used in the market, the big feature is self-cleaning function, then what are the disadvantages of coating nano self-cleaning coating, what are the functions? And features? Let's take a look at it as a Nano Powder Coatings Supplier.

Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings

Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings

A nanocatalyst having photocatalytic activity, comprising photocatalyst TiO2 and air catalyst titanium phosphate, TiO2 can absorb light of a certain wavelength, generate free electrons and holes, and cause redox decomposition of pollutants on the surface of the film to remove and kill Dead surface micro-bacteria, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. Studies have shown that harmful organic molecules such as organic matter and amides in the air can be removed. The action of titanium phosphate can only use water and air to achieve self-cleaning effect in the absence of light.

Building materials series: ceramics, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, metal paint. Architectural glass: building curtain wall glass, building door and window glass, anti-fog glass series: bathroom anti-fog glass, decorative anti-fog glass. Solar photovoltaic series. Architectural decorative glass. Automotive glass: automotive windshield, automotive window glass, automotive rearview mirror glass.

No photocatalytic function. Under the action of the air catalyst titanium phosphate, the use of water and air can exert self-cleaning effect even in the absence of light.

Photocatalytic function. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the photocatalyst will decompose organic matter and has no effect on inorganic substances.

Super hydrophilic function. The application of this functional glass can completely spread the water on the surface of the glass, while infiltrating the glass and contaminants, and finally carrying away the contaminants attached to the glass by the gravity of the water, and also can play a certain anti-fog effect. .

Self-cleaning dust-proof coating is a bionic principle that utilizes binary synergy of nano-materials, low surface tension, high strength, high hardness and toughness, and excellent self-cleaning function. Strong anti-dust and anti-dirty adhesion, excellent hydrophobicity, anti-dust smog effect, easy to clean dirt. It has a washfastness of more than 15,000 times, has a good gloss and color retention function, and is extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays. The service life is over 15 years.

What are the shortcomings of nano-self-cleaning coatings, and what are the functions and features? I believe you have already understood after reading the above introductions! Nano-self-cleaning coatings belong to a high-tech decoration material. More, and the price is not high is a good decoration material worth using. Our company also has Pipeline Anti-corrosion Powder Coatings for sale. Welcome to consult.

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