High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings How much do you know

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High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings is a high-efficiency thermal energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product for high-temperature equipment. It can be directly sprayed on the surface of various high-temperature heat-conducting bodies to improve the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductor, such as coating the surface of the water-cooled wall tube of the steam boiler. A hard ceramic glazed hard shell protects the furnace, extends the age of the furnace, and enhances the heat conduction of the water wall, thereby saving fuel. It significantly improves the heat transfer effect in the furnace, reduces black oil emissions, and saves fuel consumption by 5% to 30%. It is suitable for a variety of working temperatures below 1800 degrees Celsius. The high temperature resistant thermal conductive coating is divided into two types: low temperature type below 150 ° C and high temperature resistant 1800 ° C.

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

Most of the objects are prone to oxidative corrosion at high temperatures, especially high temperature oxidation of metals such as metal steel. Steel in the high temperature environment is easy to react with the air to react and oxidize, so that the effective material of the steel metal and the oxygen in the air generate other ineffective substances, which have a great influence on the structure, use and characteristics of the steel metal, sometimes it will produce huge Destructive effects. Our common oxidation of steel metal refers specifically to the reaction oxidation of metals and oxygen. The chemical reaction between oxygen and iron is called metal oxidation. It is an important chemical unit process and also the main corrosion loss of steel. Factors Our company also has Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings, welcome to come to consult.

In order to prevent the corrosion damage caused by oxidation of steel at high temperature, it is necessary to find a material to put a coat on the high-temperature material, which can effectively protect the steel from high temperature and oxidation. The steel anti-oxidation coat to be found must first have high temperature resistance, good compactness, good anti-corrosion performance, strong anti-oxidation ability and high hardness. High temperature resistant sealing coating, temperature resistance can reach 1800 °C, can be refractory barbecue for a long time, the material adopts nano-ceramic fish scale-like structure, melts and melts the network glass phase state at high temperature, and has good compactness, oxidized decarburization layer on metal surface, Prevent gas and steel contact, hardness can reach 7-8H, and has good impact resistance. ZS-1021 high temperature resistant coating coating itself is resistant to acid and alkali. It has no volatile substances at high temperature and normal temperature. It is environmentally friendly and has no reaction with quenching medium. It can effectively protect the metal from chemical reactions at high temperatures and can effectively prevent steel. The high temperature oxidation rate of the metal reaches over 95%. ZS-1021 high temperature resistant anti-oxidation coating has obvious anti-oxidation effect, which can reduce the 5% scale produced by the original ordinary hot-rolled sheet to about 0.5%, and reduce the 3% oxide scale produced by the stainless steel hot-rolled sheet to 0.2% or less.

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