Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings What details are needed in painting?

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  Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings is a new solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. It has the characteristics of no solvent, no pollution, energy and resource saving, labor intensity reduction and high mechanical strength of coating film.I didn't find low-temperature curing powder coatings, but my friend who said in Green Sakura said that low-temperature curing powder coating is a similar principle, which reduces the temperature.

Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings

Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings

  Then as a Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings Supplier, I would like to share with you what details need to be mastered in the low temperature coating.

  Stirring paint

  When the low-temperature resistant paint is used, the paint is first stirred. Once the paint is opened, the paint is evenly stirred. A certain amount of curing agent is added according to the standard ratio, so that the paint is mixed and stirred, and the mixture is aged until it is placed. The main purpose is to mix the two evenly, and the air that has been hidden in the paint is automatically discharged for better brushing.

  2. Substrate treatment

  If the low temperature resistant paint wants to get a better paint film effect, it is necessary to strictly treat the substrate, clean the impurities of the adhered substrate, and treat the corrosion of the substrate by sand blasting, as well as oxide scale, oil stain, etc. Dirt, the substrate meets the requirements of painting, no dirt, no impurities.

  3. Environmental factors

  Although low temperature resistant paint can withstand low temperature, it can not be painted in low temperature environment. It needs to be painted in the specified environment. It is required to apply the substrate at least 3 °C to prevent the temperature from being too low, thus affecting the film. The molding speed is fast, and the painting environment and the dry environment are required to be consistent, so that the paint film is dried quickly, and the humidity is not more than 85%.

  4. Brushing method

  The low-temperature resistant paint is adjusted according to the selected painting method before the brushing, so that it can be adapted to the requirements of the painting. It is recommended to use the thinner of the same manufacturer as the coating. The specific coating method is based on the corresponding environment. Choose the right one and protect the already painted paint film to prevent cross infection.

  The construction, drying and conjunctiva of architectural coatings must be carried out under certain temperature and humidity. Usually, the conjunctival properties of latex coatings are tested under the conditions of 23° C±2° C and relative humidity of 60-70%. The coating typically has a minimum temperature of greater than 5° C. The most suitable temperature is 10-35° C and the construction humidity is 60-70%. Also, do not work under direct sunlight. In winter, many outdoor projects are basically in a state of suspension, which has little effect on general interior decoration projects. In the winter construction of exterior wall paint, it is necessary to pay attention to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to avoid thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause certain damage to the well-constructed wall surface. In order to minimize damage, how should we carry out house renovation? It should be noted that when winter paint is applied, the room temperature should not be lower than 10 °C. As long as you pay attention to the temperature, ventilation and the application of auxiliary materials, you can ensure the construction quality and original time of paints and coatings. In order to ensure the volatilization of harmful substances and the drying of the paint surface, it is necessary to open the window ventilation after painting the paint, but also to prevent the outdoor dust from contaminating the coated surface. In addition, the outdoor temperature in winter is low, and the window opening is beneficial to the volatilization and drying of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances and paint products, but may cause the paint to be powdered or even deteriorated, and the wall paint or paint which is not dried may be easily frozen. Lead to discoloration and peeling of the wall after the spring. We also have Nano Self-cleaning Powder Coatings, welcome to come to us.

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