Powder Coatings Custody Storage Do you know?

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What should I pay attention to when storing Powder Coatings?

Because powder coatings have a wide range of applications, many fields such as refrigerators, washing machines and even vacuum cleaners, as well as automobiles, bicycles and furniture are applicable. Therefore, the market demand is not small, so powder coating manufacturers are correspondingly more and more.

Now people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. As an environmentally friendly coating, powder coatings have become a popular product in the coatings market, and the process for spraying powder coatings is relatively simple and the yield is high. In general, if various measures are taken properly, the production of non-conforming products can be controlled to the maximum The consumption is significantly reduced. In the ordinary anodizing and electrophoretic coating production process, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large. Industrial aluminum profile processing is especially in the oxidation process.

But there are many places to pay attention to the storage of powder coatings. Next, Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings Supplier will take everyone to understand.

1. Keep away from fire sources and avoid direct sunlight. It should be placed in a well-ventilated field with a temperature below 35 ° C.

2. Avoid storing in places susceptible to contamination by water, organic solvents, oil and other materials.

3. Do not expose the powder coating to the air at random after use. It should be covered or tightly closed at any time to avoid the inclusion of debris.

4. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Rinse the powder that adheres to the skin with soap and water. Do not use solvents.

Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings

Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings

Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings

Construction requirements for Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Powder Coatings

1. Coating thickness

Using high-pressure airless spraying and air spraying, the dry film thickness is about 60 microns, and a manual brush coating, the dry film thickness is 55 microns;

2. Consumption

If the factors such as the painting environment, painting method, painting technology, surface condition and structure, shape, surface area and other factors are not considered during actual construction, the theoretical general primer consumption is about 0.2kg / ㎡;

3. Painting method

In order to make the coating smooth, it is best to use high-pressure airless spraying. Under the condition of high-pressure airless spraying, air spraying is selected. Manual painting is used as the third coating method;

4.Diluent dosage

If the coating is indeed too thick, a special diluent can be added appropriately, the amount of which is 3 to 10%;

5. Tool cleaning

Can be cleaned with special thinner. If the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ℃, it should be extended appropriately;

6. After finishing the last topcoat, it must be cured for 7 days before it can be put into use.

The above are the construction requirements of pipeline anti-corrosion powder coatings. In order to achieve the best paint effect, both the preparation and coating conditions are as close as possible to the required standards. 

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